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ABOUT THE DESIGNER – being a designer requires commitment.
I was born into the world of clothes because both my grandmother and my mother are dressmakers so I was grown up with colors and textiles. Besides my professional studies I received the most of my professional knowledge from them. Their former advices define my views about design to the present day.  

I was grown up in the city of Tótkomlós in the countryside where traditions are highly respected. My love of folk motives originates from here.


I would like to show the importance of Hungarian traditions with the clothes designed by myself in a way that these clothes may be able to adequately reflect today’s trends.Folk motives represent a value that can be perfectly matched with the features of a modern and elegant style.


As a family heritage I believe that the matching pieces create the harmony of a clothes. This means still a determining line for me.

byme-miracle-2021 (5).jpg



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