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BY ME Miracle is a very unique and exclusive luxury fashion collection decorated with Halas Lace.



Tünde Hrivnák Hungarian Fashion Designer decorates her unique and world famous collections with original Hungarian emroideries and laces. She presented her amazing fashion collections all around the world.

He has won the Pro Urbe Award and the Judit Jozsa Hungarian Folk Costumes Award in Hungary.

The Queen of Laces. Halas lace is a high quality type of needle lace. The secret of Halas lacing is known only to the Halas lace workers. The unique technique of lacing is passed on from generation to generation. A few of these unique artistic pieces are owned by the Japanese Empress, Elisabeth II, the British Queen and the wife of US President Bush. John Paul II also received Halas lace work as a gift during his visit to Hungary in 1996.

Love, endurance and last but not least patience are needed in order to learn the creation process of the Hövej’s lace. The residents are proud of the art of lace-making which both technically and both in richness of motifs has developed over the years. The heritage of Hövej's is a highlight of Hungarian folk art and can also be found in the village's coat-of-arms.

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20  /  05  /  2020

Tünde Hrivnák fashion designer amazing BY ME Miracle fashion collection in the Halas Lace Museum.


15  /  10  /  2019

BY ME Miracle Collection Fashion Show in the Embassy of Hungary in Wien.


03  /  05  /  2021

BY ME Miracle photo shooting and filming in the YBL Palace Budapest.
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